Policies & Procedures

Dress Code Policy

Students’ dress and grooming are important, not only to themselves, but also to those with whom the students share the classroom.  Students are urged to take pride in their dress and grooming.  A student’s personal appearance should not disrupt or detract from the educational environment of the school.  Any CCSD employee may refer students in violation of dress code to the dean’s office for disciplinary action.  Repeated dress code violations will result in progressive discipline.  The following guidelines are in accord with Clark County School District Regulation 5131.  Students must adhere to the following guidelines regarding dress:

  • Require the wearing of shoes with soles and straps to secure the shoe.  No flip flops, slides, slippers, or shoes with wheels are permitted.

  • Shirts must be at least three inches wide at the shoulder; no tank tops; no shirts with low-cut arm holes.

  •  Shirts must be long enough to have no skin showing between the bottom of the shirt and the top of the pants.  If your skin shows when you     move, then the shirt should not be worn at school

  • Low-cut, strapless, or transparent clothing are prohibited.

  • All attire (shorts and skirts) must be fingertip in length. 

  • All jeans, pants, and trousers must be secure at waist level.  Sagging is strictly prohibited.  Students cannot wear more than one (1) pair of pants/shorts.  No rips or tears in jeans that expose undergarments and/or are located mid-thigh or higher. 

  • Slogans or advertising on clothing which disrupt the educational setting (obscene or controversial in nature) may not be worn. No alcohol/cigarette advertising on clothing, notebooks, or backpacks. 

  • Hats, or any other headgear, including bandanas and sweatbands, are not allowed on campus.  No sunglasses.

  • Belts, wristbands, or other apparel with studs, flat or raised, are not allowed. Chains are prohibited on school campus.

  • Coats and scarves must be removed upon entering the classroom. During severe cold or rainy conditions, hoods may be worn when students are outside of the building ONLY.    

  • Pajama bottoms or pajamas are not allowed on campus or at any school function.

  • No ear gauges or spiked jewelry.

Backpack Policy

Students may carry backpacks to and from school, but backpacks must be stored in the locker assigned to them by the school.

Locker Policy

All students will be assigned a locker by the school. Locks MUST stay on the locker assigned and students MAY NOT use their own purchased locks. If a student loses their lock, they will be fined $5.

Lunch Procedures

All students are expected to arrive to the cafeteria on time for lunch. Lunch, which includes an entree, sides, and a drink, is available for $3.25. A menu is available Online. Additionally, there are a la carte items and snacks in the student store that range from 50¢ - $1.00 (drinks, chips, frozen treats, etc.)

Free or reduced meals are available based upon family income. Please apply Online as soon as possible at Apply for Lunch

Parents can also establish an account for lunches at schoolpaymentsolutions.com. This account also allows you to utilize a credit cards to pay for meals an view your child's account history of meals/items purchased.

Breakfast is available daily beginning at 7:35am. The cost of a complete breakfast is $1.50, with item varying daily. Students eligible for free or reduced lunch will receive the same benefit for breakfast.

Upon entering the cafeteria at lunchtime, students need to find a seat of their choice and remain seated.

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